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You Couldn't Be Me!

You Couldn't Be Me!

120 Reads 2 Votes 2 Part Story
Carley By MissIndependent Updated Apr 04, 2011

You Couldn't Be Me is about two twin sisters, Juilet and Rosie. Juliet  is your typical popular girl  who runs the school, or at least till she shows twin sister Rosie the basics of popularity. As for Rosie, shes more of the  smarty kid at Ridgeway Hoighschool. Rosie is just as popular as Juilet, if you include being known as the kid who gets bullied. Juilet gets agravated with having to deal with the spotlight always being focused on her. Rosie is tired of being bulied and the one that always taking the blame. Juilet then shows Rosie how to be "popular" and Rosie shows Juilet the do's and the dont's or being a smarty-pants. The sisters make a bet to see who can survive in eachothers shoes the longest. But they suddenly realize, they made a mistake.