Strength and Sensuality [Completed]

Strength and Sensuality [Completed]

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Hera Harker By HeraHarker Completed

A modern Pride and Prejudice story. Only sexier.

Mira is a refugee, starting a new life far from home. She has to deal with her troubled past, her son, and her enigmatic boss, while her only weapon is her killer sense of humor.
It's a slow-building love-hate story, with
a strong female lead;
two control freak lawyers, fighting for dominance, in denial of their feelings;
an alpha discovering his submissive side;
lots of humor and humanism.

~73K words
- Mild language. Characters talk like white-collar workers usually do in real life.
- Chapter 43 has mild sexual content. Nothing very graphic, it's emotional, rather, but if you don't want to read about it, just skip it. It won't affect the story.
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"You have a lot of literary elements going for you: your style is chock full of subtext, humor, and intelligence. There's a careful craftsmanship in world-building, character development, and theme."
Scripturam Awards

"A truly unique story with a quite remarkable a plot! It has the ability to convey the emotions stirred within the characters to the depth of readers heart!"
The Graphomania Awards

"I am beyond impressed with this work. The characters feel real; three-dimensional. The narration does not feel forced in any way, it flows as it reads."
The Dream Awards

"Some books lead with suspense and cliffhangers that even if you don't want to continue the book you do so just to sate your curiosity. But then a rare gem like this comes along and without any cheap tricks it pulls in, you just continue and keep reading it and you may not even know when you reach the end."
Shadow City Awards