His Beloved Princess

His Beloved Princess

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"Don't worry, I'm doing my best to stay away from you."

His forehead creased upon hearing what I said, eyes narrowing he then asked, "Oh, are you now, Yllona? After all this time, are you sure?" As he stares downright on me with those cryptic and calculating green eyes, before they became dark and sharp that it could tear me into half at any moment.

"So, you won't be seeing me now then. Every single day. What if I won't let you stay away? What if I say that it's too late?"

Ano'ng sinasabi niya? My eyes went wide. "T-that can't be. I'm not human-"

"I don't care. So what? You're not leaving, don't you dare, Yllona."

Mortal world, the most dangerous place to be in. It is not like vampires couldn't survive, creatures from Treon still go back and forth to the place. Mortals are the weakest compared to them but don't get deceived with their innocent face, they could be the devil. Yllona is all aware of that when she went to mortal world but she discovered more complicated things, love will try to twist her belief when the mortal that saved her starts melting her ice cold heart.. what could happen after? And is it love that conquers it all?

Genre: Fantasy-romance/vampire

Date started: March 2020
Cover isn't mine. Credits to the owner.