the ones society stole

the ones society stole

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kyriaxtamzil By kyriaxtamzil Updated Feb 13

do you remember who you were?

before society told you what was right or wrong. before you knew what was acceptable. before a number and a piece of paper dictated your life. before you had to fit an ideal mold in order for people to like you.

do you remember?

Meet Arabella Davidson. A girl who gets high as if she could find herself amongst the clouds. With a GPA as low as her self esteem, she has dug herself a grave and has come to terms with it. She dabbles in a world of drugs, toxicity, and adventure. 

While Jacian Smith is a boy who escapes reality through his artwork. With an eating disorder, he is paying the consequences that come with perfection. He suffers in a world of starving, painting, and hate. 

When their worlds collide, they begin to lose themselves in each other. And maybe, just maybe, that is just what they need to remember. To remember who they were, before society stole them.