ignored 》》 minsung

ignored 》》 minsung

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CrystalBangtan By minSquirrelmin Updated Dec 17, 2019

minho wasn't a very popular student. he had two friends Felix and Seungmin and well his brother Jeongin was one of his biggest friends aswell. Eventhough Minho is older he was the most shy one and well the good boy everyone kinda dislikes cuz he does everything through rules.. 

That was until he needed to do a project with one of the most popular and dangerous boys out there Han Jisung. Han Jisung has always ignored him no matter what. He was out of his league. How attractive and cool Jisung was for Minho he always got ignored. Jisung wasn't the popular type to bully the nerdies in the school. No he preferd to just ignore them. Its their life and he has his own problems. He thought he could never be close to him but then their Biology teacher decided it was time for a project. 

And let's just say Minho changed since then.. a lot. For some in a good way for others in a bad one. 

started: 5/11/2019
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