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Charlie's Dragon (Book VII)

Charlie's Dragon (Book VII)

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Jacklyn Reynolds By JacklynReynolds Completed

Charlie has known nothing but a life of torture and abuse that left her body heavily scarred and bruised. She managed to escape her last captors and is found naked, and bloody by Bill Weasley. Unfortunately, her hardship isn't over. Now she must fight to protect the Weasley family from Rabastan and Rodolphus Lestrange who are looking for blood and vengeance. But Charlie has a rare gift that could save everyone.
It was hot that June morning. It was just barely eleven thirty in the morning and the temperature outside was already eighty degrees in the shade. Charlie Whills was wondering aimlessly across a field looking for help, panting heavily in the sweltering heat. She was exhausted, hungry, and unsteady on her feet from the pain she was trying hard to endure. 

Her feet were bare, and bleeding a little, her naked body, from her shoulders to her hips, was covered in cuts and someone else's blood as well as her own.

why can't you spell her name Charley or Charlee? or call her Samantha?
CaptainHsails CaptainHsails 4 days ago
When they get married, it will literally be Me and Mrs Charlie Weasley.
If they get married I will literally die will laughter. Just imagine when they meet someone new together.
                              Who are you?
                              Charlie Weasley.
                              And You?
                              Charlie Weasley?
Heyimagination Heyimagination 4 days ago
Seeing as one Charlie cant talk Im guessing boy Charlie said this
Azura011 Azura011 Feb 05
Dammit Ron! You don't stare at other women if your girlfriend is right beside you!
wolfdemoness wolfdemoness Nov 22, 2016
😂😂nooooo I am confused but dying from laughter at the same time