What They Thought Was a Legend (Naruto FF)

What They Thought Was a Legend (Naruto FF)

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BloodyDarkness By BloodyDarkness Updated Jan 07, 2015

They were gone. All dead. I was only left with my sister. And now, I will do anything to protect her.  We can't live like this forever, just out in the world. No longer with a place to call home. Where will we go now?
A place, highly spoke of through out Fire Country. A safe place. But of us, we are unknown to them. Only heard of in legends, our Village. But now, the last members come seeking refuge. Somewhere that at one point in time, we were secret allies. 

Now we are here. Will they accept us? The future is unknown and full of uncertainty. As our journey continues in this new world, where will it lead us?

I don't own Naruto, just my characters!
Credit for the cover goes to IzayaKibaRyujiFREAK 
Awesome job on the cover and thanks again for making it ^-^

Foodxisxlifex Foodxisxlifex Jan 23, 2016
She actually doesn't sound like a Brat , which I am sooooo grateful for..I like it so far ^^
FaeriesAndDemons FaeriesAndDemons Oct 21, 2012
Hmm... I like it, but I'm not sure if I love it yet coz of the chapter problem. But if you keep going I'm sure it'll be awesome. :) <3
AnimeAbi AnimeAbi Oct 09, 2012
If it's a love story you should make it with Kakaishi but have her be like two ir three years yunger than him. If not than how about Neji...
BloodyDarkness BloodyDarkness Oct 09, 2012
If I make it into a bit of a love story or anything, who should go with my main character? Vote who you think would be best plz.
SawaFlakes SawaFlakes Oct 01, 2012
GWAAAAAH! Please update soon, it was so good! <.<   >.>
                               HFUISHGIGHFGIH ~Fangasm~
DreamMemories DreamMemories Sep 22, 2012
Awsome fixes! :D I love it! xD Can't wait for the next chapter!!! Be super careful not to catch my disease, though. Laziness causes many people to hate you. xD I wish you best of luck with your first story on here! It's very detailed and interesting- can't wait to read more! :)