The Loveless Romance

The Loveless Romance

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It is never easy to get married to your sister's ex-husband and especially when your sister had disgraced his name by running away with her boyfriend leaving behind her one-year-old son.

Adriana Michael, a simple girl with a clear past but ambiguous future. Her life was never so smooth but full of worries and miseries. The boy she had a crush on, back during her high school days, became her brother in law. It was heartbreaking for her but she was left with no choice but to move on. 

Liam Hunter, a workaholic, and the most determent person alive on the earth. The only thing that could draw his attention was business. He used to be a proud billionaire who has the world working with the motion of his finger. He was never interested in marriage but when his father forced him to marry a girl named Serena Michael, he fell in love with her. It wasn't just love but he was obsessed with her. 

From a workaholic billionaire, he became a romantic lover. 

Their life was going perfectly. He was happy and she was happy with the way he was treating her like a queen but one day but she met his ex-boyfriend. Her love for him bloomed again when she found him transformed into a billionaire, hot and handsome bachelor. 

She got so attracted to him that she didn't think twice but left her Son and a handsome husband for him!

Liam needed someone to take care of his son Oliver and both families were really worried about the little child so they agreed that Adriana is only one who can take good care of him as Serena used to leave her Son at her parent's home since she was never interested in her son and Adriana was the one who loved Oliver as if she was his real mother and Oliver was also attached to her.

Adriana sacrifices her boyfriend yet she doesn't get any respect let alone Love from her Husband!

Will Liam ever get attracted to her and love her or will she betray him like her sister and leave Oliver and Liam for her boyfriend?