Being the Billionaire's Ex-Wife

Being the Billionaire's Ex-Wife

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Janeth Acosta By JanethAcosta Updated Aug 06, 2015


Five years ago,

' No, no I can't be pregnant, I just can't. This is not the right time, oh God why are doing this to me. I need to get checked out to make sure, I can't let Demon find out. ' Mia was thinking. 

Deciding going to the doctors was the best choice to go to, she left the house in a hurry. 

Arriving, the doctors immediately started to attend her, seeing as she was their boss's wife. 

" Hello Mrs. Kingston, I'm Dr. Gustavo. How may I assist you today?"

" I need a confirmation. I need to know if I'm positively pregnant," Mia replied. 

" Of course Mrs. Kingston," while giving her a cup. " I just need you to pee in this cup, and after doing some work I'll be able to confirm if your pregnant."

Leaving to the bathroom, Mia did her business. Soon returning with a filled cup and giving it to the doctor. 

Dr. Gustavo then proceeded to do the next step, until the results were clear as the the sky.

" Mrs. Kingston, it seems you are indeed pregnant. Now would you lik...