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Stuck With My Archenemy

Stuck With My Archenemy

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Oh Lord, Touch My Black Heart By BlackKnight77 Completed

"I didn't mean to, I promise." I gulped. "It just sort of happened. The map just magically slipped through my fingers before I could stop it." My voice gradually got lower and lower as I watched him look at me with an expression that instantly revealed to me that I wasn't making any sense. At all.

"Please can we just...move on?" I said desperately. We were not getting anywhere by just standing there whilst Jack tried to get the truth out of me. Which was certainly not going to happen.

"Move on?" Jack scoffed disbelievingly and stepped closer towards me, still glaring at me. "You just destroyed our only chance of finding a way home! How can we just move on when we have absolutely nothing to help us find our way back? You can't be that stupid!"


Brenda Hoffman works for a company that tours their staff annually for at least a week of rest and of course, work relation. Jack Nicoles is the CEO of that company and Brenda is just a common worker. They hate each other's guts because of an incident that occurred at the company months ago, they were never on good terms since then. Jack blames Brenda for that misfortune and Brenda blames Jack for being so naïve.

But when they get abandoned by their bus driver on their way to a retreat on an unknown mountain with nothing but their backpacks, maps and each other's company, they are forced to cooperate with each other in order to leave there in one piece.

Can they cope with each other and let go of the past that seems to linger in every part of their lives and move on together? Or will they go on behaving like immature brats and stay stranded on that mountain for who knows how long?


Highest Rank: #6 in Humor


Cover by @-erudite-

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intolerance intolerance Feb 28, 2016
This is such a lovely intro and I love the concept but if I was stuck on a mountain with some one I hate I would toss them to another one and I'm already shipping them btw, you know who ;) [not as in old voldymort]
Readwrite95 Readwrite95 Jun 27, 2015
This is quite an interesting blurb. Amazingly written and the storyline sounds promising. Can't wait to read on. Good job
CarriedAway_ CarriedAway_ Jun 16, 2015
This is an interesting plot and I'd love to read more. Though it was short and it was only just a blurb it was amazingly written.
crescendo_s crescendo_s Jun 07, 2015
Interesting. You've written quite an apt summary for the story, which is good. Looking forward to reading it.
kimberly861 kimberly861 May 30, 2015
its a pretty good start! It seems interesting so it will keep to readers want to read more! I'm sure I'm going to enjoy this! :)
Midnight_Crescendo Midnight_Crescendo May 27, 2015
I love this intro, it gives just enough information to draw the reader into the story but at the same time it doesn't give too much away :) well done.