The Factoid |Farkle Minkus| (On Hold)

The Factoid |Farkle Minkus| (On Hold)

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What the fuck? By drphilsbitch Updated Jan 15

A series of digits made so important because it never ends. You know what else never ends? Nothing. Life will end, same with every conflict, rumor, and hardship. Don't let insignificant people put you down. You will grow and learn as a person. You have a bright future that will shine brighter as you become older. People will try to dim your light, do not let them. If you do you're giving them the power to hurt you further. 

Eleanora Matthews is one of those people who're often looked over. She blends into the shadows like lurking death, only coming out when necessary. You only see the words that barely graze her skin. Due to those words people often forget to look deeper and find the person who has deep insecurities that rip her apart, inside out. They ignore her loving personality. And don't acknowledge her exceeding intelligence. The only one being he long life friend. Farkle Minkus. 

Join Eleanora on the roller coaster of life. Will it be smooth or will it have sharp turns and bumpy loops? Find out in, The Factoid. 

Always remember, Pi is infinite but life is not so you need to take charge and control your own destiny because when you're a woman of science like Eleanora you don't believe in silly legends of a man who apparently created and controls everything you do. 

Life's like riding a bull you hold on tight, hoping you just don't fall.

This story is currently on hold, I am unable to access the file of this story on my laptop without it crashing so unfortunately this story is on a temporary hold until I get my computer fixed. Eventually I will post again but for now it's kind of idle at the moment.