Musically Me: Lego Ninjago Movie Cole x Oc

Musically Me: Lego Ninjago Movie Cole x Oc

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Siena loves music. Everything about it calls to her. A gentle beat gets her toes moving and the strum of a guitar makes her hum softly. She's a shy girl living in big city Ninjago, dreaming of coming out of her shell and showing the world her music. 

The school band is starting for the annual Musically Me contest. All of Ninjago enters and this year Cole is hoping to lead the band to success. 

Siena finds herself coming out from the rock she's hidden behind and showing her true spirit. But through this band she's also found someone who stole her heart. 

Would someone like the cool, confident, master of earth ever like a shy, wallflower of a singer?


Based off of THE LEGO NINJAGO Movie
not the series, I do not like when someone tries to mix them. But I may out in small elements of their personalities like Cole's failure at cooking. 
Takes place after the movie. 

Please enjoy the book and feel free to vote and comment as long as it's respectful and appropriate

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