I'd Rather Be In Love With...You.

I'd Rather Be In Love With...You.

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Rebbi By Auburn_Ivy Completed

Fay Griffens is finally leaving the one place that caused her hell her whole life and moving to....collage. she was labeled the freak but now it's a new start right? 

she should be able to be a normal teenager....well that was until she meets one of the most popular football players at school and the WORLD! It's love right? their gonna end up togather in the end.....right?

well not really, lets just say.....not everything changes when you move....actually things can just get worse, and when a boy's involved you know there's toruble!

(Plus more but I don't want to say incase I ruin it, that's just the outline!)

computerfreak6 computerfreak6 Aug 23, 2011
some sister she is. how can you let someone do that to your own sister.
zaynab77 zaynab77 May 07, 2011
@anneliz ahh i love your story so far on chapter 44! you are an amazing writer! ahh i love it!
Auburn_Ivy Auburn_Ivy Apr 30, 2011
@zaynesz um no, its just romance really. There might be a few like slaps and little cat fights but nothing like horror if thats what you mean.
                              Hope I helped :)
zaynab77 zaynab77 Apr 30, 2011
Before i start reading can you tell me if it contains any disturbing violence scenes? 
bluebuffy bluebuffy Apr 20, 2011
this is so good! i'm re-reading it again since i forgot which chapter of your story i stopped at :] kate is so mean though
anneliz14 anneliz14 Mar 05, 2011
Hi, I just wanted to let you know I am getting a lot of @ replies that are meant for you!  Don't know how to fix it, but thought you should know, didn't know how to email you about it.