Counting Minutes |BxB|

Counting Minutes |BxB|

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Dolly Grand By dollygrand Updated Jan 10

A homeless thief with a carefree life breaks into a house that has nothing worth stealing - except for the heart of a man who is obsessed with time.


Blake has been living on the streets for his entire life. He never went to school, and never had a job, except for one: he is a thief and a pretty good one at that. He is ready to move on to another city when he finds a rich house and comes up with a careful plan to rob it. His little scheme works, but there's just a tiny detail that he had missed while making his plans, and he is almost ready to give up.

But then he ends up stumbling on something that is truly worth stealing for - something that he never believed he could possibly want - but it's not an easy task when he is set out to steal something from the time itself.