BACK TO YOU (Fully Updated)

BACK TO YOU (Fully Updated)

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rainthereader By rainthereader Updated Apr 07, 2014

"Cay, would you look at me?"

I turned around and lifted my eyes to look into his.  His arms were braced on the counter and he was looking at me sideways.  The glow of the light coming from the living room and into the kitchen gave his face an otherworldly impression.  I waited for him to continue.

He closed his eyes and sighed, "Cay... Just so you know... I wanted to do it.  Right there, a while ago.  But you know why I couldn't, and why we shouldn't."

There was a pain in my chest at his words.  But I just gazed at him, unsure of what to say.  He was right.  It would be a mistake.  And no matter how many times my weak heart and frail mind wanted him to kiss me, it would be selfish, not to mention immoral.  In the end we would both regret it, and that would hurt the most.

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Mag1178 Mag1178 Dec 08, 2017
This is the second time I’m reading this book; there have been a few changes so far, but nothing that takes away from the original. I hope you didn’t change her favorite breakfast... that was an important part for the two characters. 
                              So glad to have stumbled upon this book again ☺️
feielur feielur Jun 03, 2017
Oh no no no 😭😣😣 i have tears in my eyes. It's not even 1 chapter and im crying
ginaf30 ginaf30 Jul 21, 2014
                              when do you think the story will be completed?
                              this is a great story and i have read it over constantly and i love it but i would like to know what happens and when the story is completed
IenArancillo IenArancillo Jul 17, 2014
and just so you know, I'm clicking the tiny start button for every chapter ahhh ilysm
strawberryrush9 strawberryrush9 May 28, 2014
I wld jzt lyk to say dt u write brilliantly.... n d anecdotes r simply mesmerizing. .. jzt try to update d story a bit soon cuz dn its nt fun reading
darlenavu3223 darlenavu3223 Apr 06, 2014
So I read the first few chapters and wow. You sure can write. One question though, is Marc her boyfriend or brother??