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Stolen (Exo Fanfiction)

Stolen (Exo Fanfiction)

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hey what's up hello By emily_cheerioo Updated Oct 13, 2014

What would you do if you were kidnapped by a mysterious Korean gang member, forced to live with him, and be his girlfriend? Please tell me because that's the situation that I'm stuck in at the moment. 
Hi, my name is Kim Ha-Young (김하영), I'm 20 years old, and in my second year of college. I live in Seoul, South Korea with my best friend, Choi Subin (최수빈), in an apartment in SamChungDong (삼청동). Now in South Korea, there are several gangs, and the most powerful gang of all is known as exo, a gang made up of 11 boys, both Chinese and Korean. They've killed hundreds across the nation, stolen money, and worst of all, kidnap innocent teenaged girls. 
I feel myself sitting on a chair, my legs and wrists tied to it. I look up and see 11 male faces in front of me. Wait a minute... I know these men far too well. "Hello there sweetheart." Says Luhan, gently stroking my cheek. I feel tears building up as he smirks at me. I...I've just been stolen by exo.

BU0XIAN BU0XIAN May 09, 2016
Omg. I would love to be kidnapped by EXO 😍Well, just sayin.
elahakxo elahakxo Aug 15, 2014
Heyy I have a question, would you ever possibly do a got7 fanfic?
BamItzTiffany BamItzTiffany Aug 13, 2014
I think you should add Kris into it at like one point in the story, you don't have to, but I'm suggesting. We are one!