Blood Princess (GL)

Blood Princess (GL)

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Makayla Sophia By MakaylaSophia Updated Jan 29

Mae was hired to take out the blood princess Robin, but if they work together and overcome their differences, they may be able to save their kingdom.


When the assassin Mae is hired to take out the blood Princess Robin, she realizes her target may not be as evil as she thought. Mae has to be careful, Robin is both cunning and beautiful, and if she pursues the feelings she has, she won't be able to finish the job.

Robin's nothing like her father, the King of Azure. She doesn't care for war. There's been a bounty put on her head by someone within the court, but she's not sure who. If she's not careful, she could lose more than her head. She's intrigued by Mae, a suppose princess from a foreign land, but she knows there's more than meets the eye to this stunning, secretive girl.

If Robin and Mae can get past the lies between them, and their growing feelings, they might be able to save the kingdom together.