ON HOLD. The Color of Light (NaNoWriMo 2019)

ON HOLD. The Color of Light (NaNoWriMo 2019)

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Melissa Mitchell By addicted2dragons Updated Jan 10

Tabby wants one thing: love and acceptance for who she is. Born a bastard lovechild in a world where marriages are political alliances, and love among the aristocracy is taboo, she was given up. Now seventeen, Tabby leads a double life. By day she is a machinist, trained to build clockwork and steam powered machines. She works under the tutelage of underground Lumineer, Elias Newton, who sells high-demand Prism tech on the black market. By night, Tabby is a Spect, a secret agent of the Spectrum, working under the tutelage of Theo Carter. 

Meanwhile, King Alastair is on his death bed and Candela is on the brink of an industrialist civil war. Prism powered machines are the future, but Candela runs on steam. This clash of ideas drives the country apart, creating a rift in the royal family. It is no secret that Prince Edwin and his cousin Albert are competing for the crown. Rebel armies are assembling along the border, riots are growing more common in factory cities, and all fingers point to Albert. The Traditionalist party considers him a threat, and Edwin is determined to undermine him.

Tabby is at the heart of it all, fighting in grey. The only problem is that she's fighting for different reasons. When she is forced to make a decision that will change everything, she is forced to question all she has ever known and believed.