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"Don't touch me" I growled.

 "Fine" he retorted.
 "I'll just kiss you.." he slammed my both my hands so they were beside my head.

"Can I kiss you here?" he whispered into my ear while his finger traced along my bottom lip. His breath creeping on my neck, this sent shivers to go down my spine I couldn't help but to squeeze my eyes shut. 

He kissed along my neck with each individual wet kiss inching closer to my chest, that was now rising up and down uncontrollably.

 "Louis" I warned. But it didn't stop him. He nibbled on my skin making me wince in pain. I am pretty sure blood was seeping out but he kept sucking, then he pulled away and kissed the same spot over and over again.

Suddenly I had the urge to go to the bathroom. "Mine" was the last thing Louis said before walking back to the table and away from the hallway. I touched my neck and gasped right away. It hurt like a bitch.

What did he mean?

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otplwt otplwt Feb 12
I remember reading this in 2014 and that I loved it and that’s all I remember. So I quess I’ll have to rr
NiallMyBiscuit NiallMyBiscuit Sep 30, 2016
I don't go to this school, but a couple of my friends do. I live in Doncaster though...
GabrielleBloggsLove GabrielleBloggsLove Sep 16, 2016
Nah Fam, goodbye this is already to much for me gotta Zayn, cause I ain't gonna help u get rid of the big aśś hickey
harrydontdothat harrydontdothat Aug 19, 2015
It means that you are his and you better be fu.cking thankful bitch.
AviviaVanHoorn AviviaVanHoorn Jan 21, 2015
Oh no please don't remind me. *a sad thought pops through Avivia's mind* Travis was the name of a good friend of my sisters'. He was so kind and genuine though his sense of humour took over that. He died in 2012 because of some drunk driver hit him. It was a hit and run. Sad.
AviviaVanHoorn AviviaVanHoorn Jan 21, 2015
I'm sorry, I didn't realize the gathering was held in her room..