Ashes To Ashes

Ashes To Ashes

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AlexiTHolmes By AlexiTHolmes Updated Dec 12, 2019

"What if you knew me in a past life? Would that really be so odd?"

Adelaide Bishop is a transfer student.
All she wants to do is study journalism in glamorous NYC.
All is peaceful and right, until she witnesses something that places a target on her back.

Father Asher Montgomery is a priest who has wandered off the path.
Despite the ample missionary work and efforts to help New York's starving and homeless, his faith is wavering.
Things only get more complicated when a young woman shows up at his church with an odd story to tell.

Mortimer is a Civil War soldier.
He knows things he isn't supposed to know, and he's about 95% sure he's the only one who knows them.
Moreover? He has a fairly good hunch that the man who killed him is somewhere in Manhattan...

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