The Chief's Son (Sterek, BoyxBoy)

The Chief's Son (Sterek, BoyxBoy)

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Asking the Chief's Son. Flirting Stage. Getting Together. First Date. I Love You. Moving in. Proposal. I Do. Honeymoon.

Stiles and Derek's life, how they met, how they got together and how they got married.

Human AU.

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Gekko02 Gekko02 Jul 05, 2017
Yeah, beacause changing is like supper important when you have to help someone who is getting stalked....
AlexnWndrlnd AlexnWndrlnd Feb 11, 2017
I can see derek saying "your taking my last name right" stiles replies"ha ha no bish its gonna be hyphenated" with a lot of arm movments and gestures while derek stares at him with goofy grin showing his bunny teeth
melodyisbored melodyisbored Nov 26, 2016
I used to not ship scisaac but ever book puts it in and I've grown it ship it
Foreversterekwolf Foreversterekwolf Apr 17, 2016
This  is the sweetest story....of sterek...for sure. Thanks.😆
WhyNotBeDifferent WhyNotBeDifferent Jan 17, 2016
I would be that one retarded officer, who'd be fired by the way, that would let him in if he said that...Lmao xD
Just-Strange Just-Strange Jan 06, 2016
-wipes tears- That was so beautiful, like omfg! I died a bit from the cuteness! :'D