Curing The Bad Boy | #2

Curing The Bad Boy | #2

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❝He pulled me close to him. His hand clasped tightly around my wrist. I winced.

"You think it's so easy?", he whispered.
 A deadly whisper. 

"Leave me!", I said trying to free myself.

"You made fun of my emotions.. you will have to pay.", he whispered.


"I loved you.", His eyes numbed, they had rage, yet they hid pain.❞


Shrᥲddhᥲ Bosᥱ is beautiful, and she knew it well. 

But she had not expected, the Bad Boy of College, 

Akshᥲt Maheshwari

To get married forcefully to her.

Everything had been perfect.

Until her to be husband failed to show up on the marriage day and fate entwined her with the hated bad boy of college. 


She was Cinderella
     He - her prince..

  And he was not here to help her.

He was fire,
    She  - his desire..

    And she was bound to burn.


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