Alpha Lucien

Alpha Lucien

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Delicate. Soft. Gentle. Naive. Curious. 

Maia was all these things and more. A broken glass flower melted down and reshaped beautifully. A lovely 17 year old who prefers the peace of nature and tranquility of innocence. 

Alive and happy in her own little bubble, from all pain and endless agony her past brings, she is rudely shaken back by the one thing she wasn't prepared for. 

Her mate. 


Rough. Uncaring. Strict. Ruthless. Fierce. 

Lucien was apart of old blood, a breed of werewolf slowly nearing extinction out of the world's fear of their tyranny. 

A Lycan. 

A tyrant in his own right, and after endless years alone, he's ready to tear the earth apart in search of his mate- nearing his breaking point of insanity. 

Just like that... there she was. Sitting alone and humming a song while touching a flower. Like a fairy from another world. 

He just wasn't ready for the little Maia's overwhelming innocence he believes needs absolute protection. 

It's unfortunate some aren't as patient. Some will do anything to uncover the truth. 

Even if it kills.