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Taylor Hale By solacing Updated Jan 07

[coming soon]  The noises in the walls started when Scarlett was three.

They stopped when she was eleven, after she conscripted Leon Winter--the school's outcast--to help her find out why she felt like she was being watched. But searching only led Leon to a terrifying event that made him never want to speak to her again. After that, Scarlett left Darkland, Vermont as nothing but a dark memory. No one ever believed what she heard. And Leon never told her what really happened to him.

Now seventeen, Scarlett is an outgoing cheerleader with friends and a seemingly perfect life, despite her pattern of self-destructive behaviours. When Scarlett's mother is unexpectedly hospitalized, Scarlett is forced to return to Darkland; to her father and his new family, to that creaking house, and to hot, mysterious Leon, who seems like he never recovered either. And when the noises come back, this time, Scarlett is determined to find out what's really causing them. Even if the answer is more sinister and dangerous than she imagined.

[YA Psychological Thriller]