I'm Hideous (Larry Stylinson Fan Fiction)

I'm Hideous (Larry Stylinson Fan Fiction)

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Sam By onedirection23rd Updated Feb 18, 2015

“I literally hate myself.” Louis said, looking at himself with a disgusted gaze in the mirror.

Harry shook his head, walking over to Louis to grab his arm, pulling him away, “Please stop standing in front of the mirror. You’ve already looked at yourself for hours today, saying things that are just so godly untrue.”

Louis yanked his arms from Harry’s grip, “You don’t understand! You have nothing wrong about you,” he sniffled, “You have everything, while I just stay hideous.” He slowly sank to his knees, covering his face with his hands, trying to hide it from Harry.

“Stop,” Harry begged, sitting down next to Louis and cradling him in his arms, “You’re beautiful.”

“Stop lying!” Louis suddenly yelled, pushing away from Harry, turning his head to look at himself in the mirror, tears coating his eyes, “I’m fat, ugly─”

Harry pulled at the roots of his hair, “Shut up! What you’re saying is absolutely petrifying.”

“That’s because I’m petrifying!”

(This story has parts that may be disturbing to some. It includes scenes such as depression, suicidal thoughts, BDD, cutting, etc. Please read with caution if anything listed can cause triggers and/or feel unsettling.)

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Hazza4Life12 Hazza4Life12 Jun 22, 2017
Everyone around me keeps telling me I have BDD, but I don't see it. All I see is fat.
Mystifiying Mystifiying Sep 12, 2016
If that's what you call ugly well then I wanna be a boy and have your face andddd bodyyyy!!!
jewels_4 jewels_4 Nov 19, 2016
Ok well if you are petrifying (which your not) I not even know what in the world I am!!
mmmGottaZayn mmmGottaZayn Oct 14, 2016
Ok I'll go cry now, this is like the third time I've read this book and oml I'm still just as shook
xlarryheartx xlarryheartx Sep 01, 2016
I'm here! 3rd book of urs I've read. Don't worry I'm going to read all of them :)
HarrysGIANTheart HarrysGIANTheart Oct 23, 2016