The Forgotten Saiyan

The Forgotten Saiyan

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Bri By Dark_Zelda Updated Aug 01, 2014

Prince Vegeta's older sister, Celeria, has a book that him, nor Piccolo want her reading fully. Piccolo has ripped pages from the book, but when an unexpected visitor drops by, he wishes he hadn't.

Celearia is sure Vegeta and Piccolo are up to something, and she is determined to find out. Will her bull headedness cause her to loose her best friend and her brother?

Vegeta makes it seem like he doesn't care. "If she dies, that's one less Saiyan to worry over," He would say. On the inside he wonders what it would be like if he didn't have his sister, which may be a reality he soon has to face.

Goku is kept in the dark and knows nothing of the drama between the two Saiyans and The Namekian, but when he hears voices talking to him in his sleep, he starts worrying.

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