Radial: Unravel

Radial: Unravel

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Pax Asteriae By PaxAsteriae Updated Jan 10, 2020

Milos has been a lot of things: homeless, abused, a rent boy. He'd thought he'd found a home, but now he can add another title to the list: government genetic experiment.

He should hate it. His irritatingly handsome partner is a lecherous psychopath, there are monsters around every corner and, worst of all, he has to take adult education classes.

So why is he enjoying himself?


Thanks to his dangerous skill of walking through walls, Alex grew up as a government guinea pig.  By the age of twelve, when they'd failed to kill him, they taught him to become an agent instead.  Now he monitors people like himself - and he absolutely does not want a partner.

Especially not a skinny dark elf experiment whose fingers convert into claws and whose face should not be as pretty as it is... or whose body should make him feel like that.

After all, Alex is straight... right?

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