Sebastian x reader

Sebastian x reader

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Dezi By bigreader546 Updated Apr 30, 2015

You are saved from your life at the Trancy estate by May-Rin, your sister, and Sebastian. When you are given a chance for a job at the Phantomhive house, you accept it with great pleasure. All the while, you get close to Ciel's head butler. However, your previous master comes to get you to come back to your life of abuse and struggles. 

I can't believe that I have over 10,000 reads. You guys apparently love me and this story so much. Keep reading. Now, read on my fellow book lovers. :-)

-Dark Destiny

Everyone's freaking out about being Alois maid I would be fine with it XD to be honest I wouldn't burn his booty shorts I'll by him more but shorter I would borrow his booty shorts cuz I would look majestic
Ha that's funny cuz my name is Rin and may-RIN.....not funny? Okay
Wow a girl with a strong African accent is born in England. Awesome!
Do I look like her then??? And pls tell me I don't have the same voice as her in the dubbed ver.  (still love her though)
Oh my god !!!! That is one day before my real birthday!!! September 28!!!😆😆😆
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The little fûck... WHELP AT LEAST*mumbles so doesn't spoil it for those who haven't finished show*