Loathing Little Miss Perfect [EDITING]

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Nikki Vivienne By Just-Nikki Updated 5 years ago
How do you heal a broken heart when it's empty?  
    The quiet civilians of Mary Falls all have something to hide, especially the respectable Foreman family. The sudden arrival of Alyssa Garland, opens up old wounds and secrets are revealed, some too big to be kept. 
    Two sisters, playing with fire. Can they handle the heat? And each other?
    Or will they be forever burned of their past?
    Take a dip into sibling rivalry, a whirlwind of romance and tragedy through Alyssa's eyes. 
    Dedicated to Alyssa, my Wattpad Twin :)
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i dont get a vampire diaries feel from it at all like the person below thinks but that's just me. this is almost too good. the writing style and descriptions are really good. not anything like you usually see on wattpad. keep it up the storyline is pretty good so far
this is a really good story, however its confusing.... or is it just me ? :/
After the first paragraph the one with the blanket and the paradox one to I was like woah this is very well written... and i like the paradoxes 
@Lalalandmachine I know you're message was a month ago and you probably completely forgot you even wrote it but anyway.... I think she was calling his lover a slut not the girl :)
so, I got about halfway through the first page, and I was like, CRAP, she's a good writer! You have a ridiculous amount of incredible description, and it's great! I LOVE it!! I love the metaphors and allusions, you're SUPA good :)
                                    And I would absolutely LOVE it if you read my story :)
Thank you...i was wondering if you wanted to dedicate one of mine to you...you get to pick which one...