Staged // Harry Styles

Staged // Harry Styles

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Crystal J Johnson By crstlbtrfly Completed

What if your boyfriend was an award-winning male pop superstar? 

And money was not an issue because your father was the most sought-after stage designer in the music industry? 

Wouldn't your life be what every college girl dreams of? 

Of course, it would! 

A.J. Carmichael will be the first to tell you even the most perfect life is not what it seems.

It is supposed to be the perfect summer for A.J., but her hopes of spending it on tour with her boyfriend, Declin Cain, come to a crashing halt. Her father has forced her to take an internship with his company and assigned to the biggest pop group in the world, One Direction. To make matters worse, her boyfriend and Harry Styles have an unspoken feud. 

A.J. is propelled into the middle of the escalating hostilities between the two men causing her to question the motives of Harry's disdain for boyfriend and the hidden secrets within her relationship with Declin. As she struggles to unfold the mysteries within her situation, everything begins to spiral out of control. 

A.J. can't help but wonder if she has ever been in the director's chair where her life is concerned or has it all been staged.

Staged contains sexual content, strong language & some violence

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daddyxstyless daddyxstyless Jul 15, 2017
Literally anyone could get along with Harry! He's the purest human and I love him 😭😭😭😭
DisneyHarryDaddy DisneyHarryDaddy Jun 16, 2017
Why do i feel like hes cheating on her and hes going to break her heart
daddyxstyless daddyxstyless Jul 15, 2017
No no no! He will sit back and shut tf up! When she is ready she is ready and he will say nothing about it!!! Ugh I'm not liking him!
daddyxstyless daddyxstyless Jul 15, 2017
YOU DONT HAVE TO DO ALL THAT TO SHOW SOMEONE YOU LOVE THEM!! (Saying it louder for any boys in the back🤷🏼‍♀️)
daddyxstyless daddyxstyless Jul 15, 2017
Wait for Hazza my love! He'll come and save you from the mean mean boy!
am_1610 am_1610 Jun 19, 2017
I have a feeling he's not as perfect as he seems... Don't push her into something she's not sure about.