Way You Feel

Way You Feel

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Eloise Brooklyn By Eloise2424 Updated Nov 03

Falling in love is a tricky business. But we don't let that stop us. Love is a weakness... It also makes us vulnerable and fragile, yet at the same time so powerful. 
For me, love is when I find myself unintentionally mirroring his way of standing or walking. Love is when I like to take sips of sugary and milk tea just because he drinks that. 
Love is when I don't hate walking anymore because he walks home. Love is like giving a very personal thing to someone and asking nothing in return.  

Love is anything but blind. Love is not blind we all have blueprints and we choose accordingly, but it stops us to think ahead. Love is when you know they are not perfect but you still accept them as it is. 

Love is when you have to decide every day to not to think about them, find something wrong in them and hate them. But before going to sleep you realize that they were your first thought, you are still thinking about them so they are going to be the last thought too and you couldn't catch anything in them to hate... You now love them a little more than yesterday. 

It is hesitation, you have so many things to tell them but you want to say them nothing. 

Love is when you get jealous of everyone around them and yet you trust them the most. 

'tis takes your breath away but gives you new purpose to make yourself better for them and you. 

I don't know if I can explain love ever because it can be described in infinite ways by thousands of words and people. So I will be concluding with Love is just feeling which our brains like to complicate.
******** this is going to be a short story and non-fictional*********