Masquerade | Dressed To Kill

Masquerade | Dressed To Kill

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Jacob Frye By The_Pretence Updated Mar 11

You don't die without finishing a good bottle of rum.

Charles is no pirate, but he likes the taste of rum. The only thing that has kept him so long from killing himself. When he finally decides to go with it, two of his closest friends are shot down by terrorists and termed terrorists themselves. His cousin brother declares that he is selfish, and he has no answer for the innumerous bruises and cuts on his body that he wakes up with everytime. Add the survivor's guilt of his parents' death and a multinational conglomerate to take care of. And suddenly it is too much for this young CEO to die with.

"Will that fan be able to bear the weight of so many guilts and responsibilities with an expected attack on the United Nations' emergency session to discuss the decline of world peace? When I have foreseen the destruction, death, and chaos coming that is only going to bring down the so-called superpowers of the world and lead way to another war for peace?"

Nor is he on this journey alone, neither anyone to turn to. Plus, he doesn't really know why so many people want to see him dead when none of them actually knows who he is behind that mask.