~I'm the bad boy's baby~

~I'm the bad boy's baby~

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My  name  is  Missa  Cooper. I'm  14  years old , 5'0 , slim with  long  light  brown  hair  and  honey  brown  eyes. I  live  in  Canada  with  my  parents  and  my  older  for  2  years  sister. Except  of  my  parents  and  sister  i  also  have  an  illegal  visitor  in  my  room  who  comes  every  night  ever  since  i  was  only a  little  girl. This  visitor  is  a  boy  3  years  older  than  me  who  happens  to  have  some  secret  powers. He  is    Lynx.That  means  he  can  have  the  powers  of  a  wild  cat  and  also  some  more  powers  when  he  needs  and  wants  them. He  is  tall  trained  with  dark  coloured  hair  that  can  change  colour  according  to  his  mood, and  black  eyes. He's  been  visiting  me  ever  since  i  was  5  years  old  and  him  8  years  old. I  remember  the  first  time  i  met  him  and  the  first  night  he  entered  my  room  without  my  permission.


I    was  walking  at  the  shops  with  my ...

XxNightShade666xX XxNightShade666xX Mar 16, 2016
Why is this all reminding me of Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life.
EnamiMO EnamiMO Feb 23, 2014
Can you plz tell me the name of the anime ? :) 
                              It's amazing I loved it ^_^
iDontCareReally iDontCareReally Jul 23, 2011
Sounds intresting :D @Camelot I almost red all of your stories! but i'm still reading "The cute nerd is mate to the alpha" and this one :D I was inspired by your work so i kept reading ur stories! :)
Procrastinator Procrastinator Apr 04, 2011
Hey babygirl <3 Love it cutie :D Seems like you got fans <3  Write more :D
ArtyColor ArtyColor Apr 03, 2011
It  will  most  likely  be  out  on  monday  or  tuesday.I  have  2  tests  to study  for  so  i  need  some  time  off. But  i wont be  late.;) Ty for the vote :D
DemonFromHeavenXena DemonFromHeavenXena Apr 03, 2011
This sounds good so just wondering when the next chapter will be out today or tomorrow?