"She's shy," Brooke shrugged and looked at Indianna.
"Well, come on, I don't bite," Greyson urged and Indianna stiffened, just like before.
"Don't talk about that," Indianna said, but her voice was still quiet.
"Struck a nerve have I?" Greyson said and smirked. "Somebody likes it kinky."
Indianna Hughs had always been the quiet one, the shy one. She was always the one that stayed in the background. She blended in, never got noticed. She liked it like that. So when she's forced to move schools, she is not happy. Everyone notices a new kid, she didn't want that attention. Especially not from Mr Bad Boy who seemed to be very interested in her.

Highest Ranking: #2 in Werewolf
Sequel: Defeated
Prequel: Confident

Chani-Kun Chani-Kun Sep 13
The dog said, I love you so much that I want to have a part of you forever  *chomp*
                              Hahahaha my arm, I thought you said you loved me
                              Yeah no I just wanted to bite you
weird_ass-bitch weird_ass-bitch 21 hours ago
Grayson baby I love you omg I love you so much 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
& in england they go to college at 16 and have learned everything that an american high school student would have already
Xxbutterypopcornxx Xxbutterypopcornxx 6 hours ago
*greyson strides up to the table* "or should I say.. Indiana...JONES" *le gasp* "I knew it was you the moment I saw that snake bite from the tropical rainforest on your wrist"  😱🤔🤔
___shyness___ ___shyness___ 13 hours ago
First badboy I have ever read say that... gotta be honest I would totally say that too if it weren't for the shyness