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Hunting Hunter [Boy x Man]

Hunting Hunter [Boy x Man]

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RichieMonster By RichieMonster Updated Oct 04, 2015

He goes by the name of 'Hunter Lyons', but really, that's far from his real name. Ethan is hiding a really BIG secret from the school he goes to, and the only one who even has a small clue about it is his best friend Shawn. Senior year is the time when you get your own personal teacher in a small group to help prepare you for whatever career you feel like following after high school. Not only did he immediately hate his group, but the teacher wasn't exactly a fan of his either. If that wasn't bad enough, his teacher, Mr. Hogin, seems determined to find answers on him. Somehow through all of this, curiosity turns into caring, and Ethan finds that this teacher could be one of the only people he can really let in. Will Ethan finally let the teacher into his life, or push him away and forever remain alone? Dangers from the past begin to follow Ethan, and it won't be long before it all catches up with him. 

[Author update: Chapters 4 (Part 1), 12, and 15 are locked because of extreme content. A warning is given at the beginning of those chapters, and I would also like to warn you about proceeding to read them. If you do want to read them, then you will have to fan me (Wattpad's rules, not mine, sorry). Thank you for understanding.]

Melsistaken587 Melsistaken587 Oct 14, 2016
I always ask the teacher if I can be alone and because I'm teacher's pet I can
Melsistaken587 Melsistaken587 Oct 14, 2016
When that one person that you hate walks up to you and tries to have a conversion with you
Jaywho_ Jaywho_ Aug 23, 2016
No matter what grade I'm in or which subject teacher, I will always ask this question
Shadowkitty2000 Shadowkitty2000 Nov 04, 2015
FoodNinja16 FoodNinja16 Oct 25, 2015
Omg this is me.  One of my teachers gives us group work every two weeks,  and ond of my group members are always absent or somebody forgot to do their part
smaguire smaguire Sep 14, 2015
This is exactly what I think every time my teacher says group work. Even with my best friends because they say I'm smarter I should just do it. *sigh* I end up ordering everybody around though haha.