Jack Griffo and Ross Lynch in: The Bar

Jack Griffo and Ross Lynch in: The Bar

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Jack By Jack195 Updated Feb 06, 2015


I am in no way afflitrated with Nickelodeon or Disney. I also do not know the true sexual preferences of Ross Lynch and Jack Griffo.

This story is %100 fiction, none of this happened.


"Hey Jack!" Ross said to the young Nickelodeon star

"Hey, what's up man!" Jack replied as he high-fived the slightly older Disney star

"Hey, look. Me and a couple of my friends were going to have a 'Guys Night Out' kinda thing. Wanna come?" Ross asked hopefully

"Sure! I've got nothing else planned really, all I was gonna do was sit at home." Jack said with a smile

"Sweet! I'll pick you up around 7 tonight, sound good?" Ross asked

"Sure thing dude." Jack replied 

*Flashforward to 6:30*


Hey man, don't wear anything too heavy. Just wear a t-shirt and maybe some jeans.

"Well, OK then." Jack said

*Flashforward to 7:00*


Hey, we're parked outside. Hurry up.

Jack goes downstairs and out t...

YOLOBananaLovesR5 YOLOBananaLovesR5 Mar 23, 2015
OMG! Ross Lynch and Jack Griffo are mah boys and baes, but this story is just..... yeah, I probs should have not read this. Their goes my childhood! :( But I luv Jack and Ross but this is just wayyy too crazy! XD