Jack Griffo and Ross Lynch in: The Bar

Jack Griffo and Ross Lynch in: The Bar

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Jack By Jack195 Updated Feb 06, 2015


I am in no way afflitrated with Nickelodeon or Disney. I also do not know the true sexual preferences of Ross Lynch and Jack Griffo.

This story is %100 fiction, none of this happened.


"Hey Jack!" Ross said to the young Nickelodeon star

"Hey, what's up man!" Jack replied as he high-fived the slightly older Disney star

"Hey, look. Me and a couple of my friends were going to have a 'Guys Night Out' kinda thing. Wanna come?" Ross asked hopefully

"Sure! I've got nothing else planned really, all I was gonna do was sit at home." Jack said with a smile

"Sweet! I'll pick you up around 7 tonight, sound good?" Ross asked

"Sure thing dude." Jack replied 

*Flashforward to 6:30*


Hey man, don't wear anything too heavy. Just wear a t-shirt and maybe some jeans.

"Well, OK then." Jack said

*Flashforward to 7:00*


Hey, we're parked outside. Hurry up.

Jack goes downstairs and out t...

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YOLOBananaLovesR5 YOLOBananaLovesR5 Mar 23, 2015
OMG! Ross Lynch and Jack Griffo are mah boys and baes, but this story is just..... yeah, I probs should have not read this. Their goes my childhood! :( But I luv Jack and Ross but this is just wayyy too crazy! XD