First Years

First Years

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Heather Coyle By h_coyle Updated Jan 27

Ginger was like any other first time mother. Overly engrossed in her infant daughter, sleep deprived and stretched thin. So one night, when she just needed that extra hour of sleep she let Lila cry it out. Ginger awoke feeling slightly more human, only to find what was in the crib was entirely not.

A mutation in the gene pool. Once happy bouncing babies are now yellow eyed scaled monsters. IS it permanent? Is there a cure? Would you like to hold your baby?

Brianna is an ambitious and empathetic young scientist with a new job. Her background in genetic mutation made her a perfect candidate for the job. She sees the baby in the monster - but is that really a good thing?

Davis is a man of purpose and a man of secrets. His job is simple. Keep the public calm and solve this gremlin problem.


The fantastic new cover is thanks to @Christine_Owen. I love it and I encourage you to check out her entry for Target's fairy tale retelling contest!

The "thing" sounds absolutely terrifying!  I imagine if the father would have been the one to find that creature in the crib he would have punted it out the window. :))
JesseSprague JesseSprague Mar 26, 2016
I want some pixie dust! Do I get a share?
                              Just fyi you wrote veils of blood instead of vials of blood.
                              The highlight of this chapter for me was the husband and wife interaction. Sometimes, its like a book reaches inside your life and shows a mirror and this book is having some vivid moments of that.
wrightstory wrightstory Sep 04, 2016
Oh god I can feel all of this fear emotion everything. Was a little confused Elliott there but not earlier.
KweaseyDarfoor KweaseyDarfoor Sep 08, 2016
Why didn't she mix the emotions with the blood and all will drain at once😀
kalelcoetzee kalelcoetzee Aug 14, 2016
i dont really like fairies but i voted anyway cos im liking your writing...
hrb264 hrb264 Mar 25, 2016
God...what an indignity. Not only they lost their daughter (or have they??) But they are now being subjected to all these dreadful scientific tests.