She belongs to the Mafia

She belongs to the Mafia

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"Do you know who I am?"

"Does it look like I know who you are?" I slightly laughed.

He simply scoffed in my face.

"I can be your worst nightmare or- actually no," he grabbed my wrist and looked at my eyes with his cold. Dark. Murderous ones, "I am your worst nightmare." 


A girl, black-brown hair, light-tanned skin and brown eyes, couldn't get simpler. After a traumatic experience back in her home country she travels to America. She's a girl that's passive-aggressive and she doesn't let anyone mess with her. She gets annoyed a lot and is a sarcastic smart ass most of the time. She is also very annoying but she can be innocent and kind to others. Call her bipolar. But she's one of a kind. 

A definitely not innocent man that had no childhood or patience. He's involved with drugs, guns, murder, gangs, violence. He's sadistic and vile. Never had a girlfriend but he has slept with too many girls but his (killing) body count is still above that number. Many people want to kill- defeat him. Oh yeah, and he's the leader of the most powerful Mafia.


Sometimes you wonder 'why.. why did this happen to me?', you just have to wait and see.

(I don't own any pictures) (adult language)

Undergoing some editing

ALSO "The Mafia's Daughter" IS OUT!!! It's the sequel to this book ;) so once your done reading this one and you (hopefully lmao) enjoyed it go ahead and read that one!


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