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Ariana Grindelwald (Tom Riddle Love-Story).

Ariana Grindelwald (Tom Riddle Love-Story).

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Deborah By GrilledCheezez Completed

Ariana Grindelwald is what some would call her an outstanding student, charming and polite and others would call her manipulative, cruel and perfectly capable of feeling absolutely nothing.

What happens when she meets the male version that simple seems perfect for her? She calls him a filthy mudblood. What happens when he makes Slytherin? She decides he's a git. What happens when they're about to get caught wandering the halls at night? At least he's pretty.

PaigeDayson PaigeDayson Oct 07, 2016
alder wood ,dragon heartstring ,12 and a half inches ,sturdy ,excellent in non -verbal spells and patronus charms and transfiguration .
                               - pottermores idea for my wand
-mieczyslaw- -mieczyslaw- Mar 23, 2016
Didn't J.K Rowling say that Dumbledore was in love with Grindelwald?
tyrainep tyrainep Jan 10
In England we don't have principals we call the head masters
AristaSiebrits AristaSiebrits Sep 15, 2016
I really hope for Ariana's part Hogwarts has math classes...
StarWars_Geek StarWars_Geek Jan 26, 2016
This story is making me read it with wide eyes here seeing as she just called Tom Riddle a mudblood over there...
brooken729 brooken729 Jan 02, 2013
This is a great story line to it ! :) thankyou and please read my story