Crossing Worlds (Avatar: A Fanfiction)

Crossing Worlds (Avatar: A Fanfiction)

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Bibliophile By BonnieTheHuman Completed

"I raise my head slowly to look at the person talking to me.
A bald kid with blue tattoos in the shape of arrows on his arms and head stands in front of me. He looks around 12 years of age. And the thing he was still poking my head with is a long wooden staff, which I know is actually a glider. My eyes widen in disbelief as I stare at the little monk.

'Aang?!' "


After encountering a horrifying accident, Luna wakes up to find herself all alone in a hospital. Well, alone except for the laughing kid who keeps running away from her. A kid who looks like Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender. 

Curiosity gets the better of this die-hard Avatar fan, and suddenly she finds herself in the Avatar world. Literally. Surprised and shocked (and secretly very happy), she makes friends with Team Avatar, not really caring if this is real or just a figment of her imagination because - Best. Experience. Ever!

But after a while, Luna learns that everything in this different world is not always about fun and games. Suddenly, she has to deal with the strangest of people and avoid dangers that didn't exist in her life before this. 

One thing though - did Luna stumble into this world for the better, or for the worse?

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BonnieTheHuman BonnieTheHuman Nov 04, 2015
Aw thanks! :D but by experience things can go wrong even if it's Avatar... (Rmb M. Night. Shaymalan? *shudders*)
HaniB2003 HaniB2003 Nov 03, 2015
Yay I don't care if you make any mistakes, because with avatar you can't go wrong!!!
BittyBean BittyBean Aug 16, 2015
hi im doing a re run now and to anyone who is just starting this story i will grantee that you will love it along with the sequel crossing paths. but dont read that till you have read this.
Artificial_Space_ Artificial_Space_ Apr 16, 2015
@killerPretzels It's OK, it's a bit hard to grasp at first. I remember my first time trying to converse in Spanish. I got the vocab all wrong!
Artificial_Space_ Artificial_Space_ Mar 11, 2015
@BonnieTheHuman Hui. Dui Bu qi, wo de dian hua bu ke yi da hua wen zi. Ni ke yi du han yu ping yin ma?
BittyBean BittyBean Feb 07, 2015
ya know bonnie this book is so awesome that im going to read through it again. now thatss saying something