Unlawful Attraction To My Professor

Unlawful Attraction To My Professor

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"You are not helping me by being here, but we have to work together anyhow!"

Lo hated when he screamed at her but she needed this assistant job for extra credit. She wondered if it was truly worth it. He pinned her down to the chair and as he did she got a wiff of his perfume and forgot about the yelling for a second. It was as if he could sense her weakness and the look in his eyes changed.

"Whatever you are thinking can't happen." 

"How do you know what I am thinking?" She sneared back at him. As if a whisper he leaned in and was inches from her lips.

"Because I'm thinking it too."


Lola Bosworth is twenty years old and in her second year in college. As her new course of PR Management starts she gets a new professor. Mr. Paul Vasques is a thirty-five year old man who is straight forward, mean and extremely handsome. There becomes no secret that Lola and Paul doesn't get along but as faith would have it she gets picked to be his assistant during a planning of a hotel's release party. As they need to work beside each other their hate for each other grows but so does the attraction. Will one of them cave in and what will happen if they do?

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Kashyda Kashyda Feb 12
Most realistic dialogue Ive seen so far. It is telling us about him in a way that also gives off a natural easy going way if talking. It also allows a obvious bond to show between them.
avidroyalty avidroyalty Sep 29, 2017
Love the begginig and this Vasquez guy ....well I just can't wait
roytheboi roytheboi Sep 23, 2017
Okay, who are you because there was a teacher at my school last year named Mr. Vasquez and he got arrested for performing sexual deeds with his students during these weird "study group" things he did at his house
Fizlizzy1 Fizlizzy1 Dec 16, 2017
Loving the story I think it should end in a very in expected way
owlshyblood owlshyblood Sep 07, 2017
I.Just.Saw.The.Cast... I.Need.You.To.Change.It.For.My.Sake.Please
ImTirzah ImTirzah Apr 26
Oh no, not a bra 🙂 not a man deciding what a woman should wear, what’s new 🙃