Teenage Dirtbag || Zayn Malik Version

Teenage Dirtbag || Zayn Malik Version

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-Zayn Malik Version of @smileyourpretty 's Teenage Dirtbag (Niall)-

Renee Delilah Parker has always been an average girl. She had average grades. She was funny and basic tomboy. Her mother sends her to spend the Summer in Bradford, with her paranoic gradmother, her grumpy grandfather and her slutty cousin.

She doesn't want to do anything but stay inside all day on Tumblr. It all changed when she meets Zayn Malik, the bad boy. Zayn's tattoos, his attitude and his flirty ways annoy her, but she can't help th attraction she feels towards him. They're complete opposite: he's the punk bad boy, while she's the goody two-shoes.

Soon, he shows her what his life is all about: smoking, skating, drinking, partying, drugs and sex. The normal life of a teenage dirtbag.

Without either of them noticing, they start to fall in love. But what will happen when she will leave Bradford, to go back to Mullingar? Is it just a fling for them, just a normal summer love? Find out in Teenage Dirtbag. A punk Zayn Malik Fanfic.
DISCLAIMER: THIS STORY IS WRITTEN BY @smileyourpretty. All credits goes to the original. I have simply edited the story in order for it to fit Zayn instead of Niall with the permission of the Author. No copyright infringement intended. Again, all credit goes to @smileyourpretty .

Cover by: karaokebar

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blurryecho blurryecho May 18
i told my parents how lucky they are because all i do and sleep eat and read books than do drugs, fück guys, wear skimpy clothing and hang out w/ bad people lol
Mannn, I asked my mom if I could go live with my grandma bc I don't like living at home and she said no... be grateful😑
nicey_xoxo_ nicey_xoxo_ Apr 07
Don't girls usually want to be curvy? Like isn't that a good thing? Like what the hell is wrong with her mother
I told my mom that I wanted Chinese food from the mall and she said I need to go to the doctors😂 at the doctors they tell you how fat you are and that If you continue how you are you'll die😂😂😂😂😂
blurryecho blurryecho Apr 24
summerwajid21 summerwajid21 Dec 31, 2016
I have read this story like 6 times but I just can't  get enough of it