Requiem For A Dream (Vampire Story)

Requiem For A Dream (Vampire Story)

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AsiaJaxyn By AsiaJaxyn Updated Oct 30, 2010

A cold dead heart frozen until the eternity of death collapses over him. His life as has been taken away. 

His life has died before he knew it. 
100 hundred years have passed and finally he has found her. 

He spent his life greiving with a woman he does not love and with a kingdom on breaking point. 

Catalina Vinson memories have been whiped away. Having no choice but to surrunder to the very monsters that have taken her to a place that she does not know of. 

She begins to unravel the truth. Something far bigger than just herself alone...

A monster a creature of the night herself, Catalina seeks a cure, but soon discovers a nightmare that awaits her. 

What if you had responsibilities that you had no idea you even dreamed of having? 

What if you had to leave everything behind and begin a new life? 

What if you were the key that awakend more than just the truth? 

Discovery is frightening. Catalina must discover the cruel truth in order to bring back what has been lost...

Her Soul. Her Life. Her Memories...

 The burning cries of the Heir to the Vamperic Kindgom...

  • action
  • adventure
  • danger
  • hatred
  • lost
  • love
  • lust
  • memories
JJayTheJet JJayTheJet Jul 18, 2010
if i was damian I wood hav killed him no hesitation... N e ways love dis chpt. =)