Mystery Racer

Mystery Racer

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_yfvb_ By _yfvb_ Updated Oct 15, 2015

'Come on almost there, just about 5 miles till the finish line' I thought

And 10 minutes later I crossed the finish line. I got off and saw my crew walking towards me. They all hugged con graduating on another victory. The announcer came up to me holding my arm up while talking in the microphone, " The winner of this race is Queen Mad against Killian!"

But I think I should introduce myself first. Ok so my name is Maddison Sonyia Chavez and I'm 17. I'm a street racer and street fighter. I've been racing since I was 16 and started fighting around the same time. My height is 5'2. And I have black hair with the tips red. I have greenish eyes. Anyways in the streets I'm known as QUEEN MAD, MAD, or even QUEEN. At school I'm known as the nerd for three reasons-

(1) People won't really notice me cause people don't really pay attention to nerds

(2) I don't want to put my family in danger cause SOME people are SORE LOSERS

(3) People won't know who I am so they won't come after me that's why...

    not_jennifer not_jennifer Oct 06, 2015
    If it took her 10 minutes to do 5 miles that means she was only going 30 mph
    Silver_Dog246 Silver_Dog246 Feb 10, 2015
    Go on with the story it's so interesting make a long book about please ☺
    Khione_Arks Khione_Arks Sep 06, 2014
    they're gonna walk into school like * im so fancy* slash out the fancy part and input badass..