The Girl Marauder ( Marauders Era Fanfiction )

The Girl Marauder ( Marauders Era Fanfiction )

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tehnamesmoca By tehnamesmoca Updated May 31, 2015

( A Harry Potter Fanfic and James Potter Love Story based in the Marauders Era )

"Are you bloody serious?" Ron exclaims, looking at Harry, "A 5th Marauder?" 

Harry nods, sighing. "This maybe a little more crazy.. She might've been my mother." They all stared in disbelief, and Hermione had her jaw hanging out open. "That makes no sense!" She started pacing around the room, "That extra blot on the Map makes no sense! This supposed 5th Marauder can't possibly exist and she cannot possibly be your mother! Unless..." She looked at Harry, and they exchanged a look. 

"That's what I'm thinking."

And they were right. 

Sirius Black did lie to the lot of them, saying that Evans was Harry's mother, saying that there were 4 Marauders, and everything in between. Sirius Black could lie, I can tell you that. 

I am Snow, Brooke Snow. 
No, not James Bond, Brooke Snow. 

And I am the one and only Girl Marauder,

 And this is my story.

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tweenager_s tweenager_s Jul 09, 2017
You know you've watched Brave too many times when you read it in Merida's dad's voice🙃
samuelgoldfish samuelgoldfish Feb 22, 2017
Funny story I now a girl named Brooke and a boy with the last name snow lel
jamespotterisbae jamespotterisbae Jan 03, 2017
                              MORTAL INSTRUMENTS REFERENCE!!!!!!!
XAngelHunterX XAngelHunterX Dec 25, 2015
Class of 78-Tumblr. One of the best photo pages for the marauders era not my tumblr page
_Liwia_ _Liwia_ Dec 10, 2015
Pretty many Gryffindors compared to the bunch of people in Harry's year
ChloeJones01 ChloeJones01 Nov 09, 2015
I'm sorry to correct you but, McGonagall*
                              I honestly don't care about any mistakes, except names and places being spelled wrong just irks me.