The Mahone Twins (Boyxboyxboy)

The Mahone Twins (Boyxboyxboy)

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ramosgirl By ramosgirl Updated Jul 13, 2017

Branden and Luke are Juniors in high school soon to be seniors they have a reputation of being horrible to people but dont abuse their power. They want to find their mate the one person who will love them until the end of time 

Jason Swan is a werewolf who has the worst past, a 18 year old boy can have, he was abandoned at 4 days old, was kicked out of his aunt house at the age of 10 when he came out, and now he runs with a mafia who happens to kill for the hell of it so what happens when he meets the Malone twins who run the rival mafia 

Let's follow these 3 and their wild adventure to life,love,and happiness
This a boyxboyxboy story

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37Jackson 37Jackson Apr 20
The humans race is at oldest 200,000 years old. But whatere we are talking about werewolfs.
datboibutitsagurl datboibutitsagurl Dec 11, 2017
"We stand at 6'4 with a six pack.." like only one? For both of you. Damn.
- - Jul 17, 2017
I'm here because Nick Bateman is in the cover 😍😍💓💓💓
personblinded personblinded Jun 18, 2017
So you guys just happened to be in the mafia, the most feared pack
                              And ur TWINS that have one of the rarest wolves 
                              Seems legit
Timberwolflover3000 Timberwolflover3000 Sep 03, 2017
"And live until they are killed" ......really? Everyone lives until they are killed or die.
Mika769 Mika769 Apr 18, 2017
Oh crap............ My step bro is apart of the mafia....... WTF!?!??!?!