UNCONTROLLABLE URGES (The Dark Enchantress Series)

UNCONTROLLABLE URGES (The Dark Enchantress Series)

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Krissy Snifeld By Just-Krissy Updated Nov 09, 2013

Newly turned Vampire Emily, is wreaking havoc among the small city of Elton. After being turned and abandoned by her Sire, she soon learns she has no control over her bloodlust. Humans within a mile radius of the young out of control vampire are no longer safe, not when she has more than just Vampire blood circulating through her veins. 
Crimson, the master vampire of one of Canada’s most powerful families is growing annoyed of cleaning up Emily’s mess. Having to capture all of her newly-turned vampires can become quite tiresome when the young vampire girl doesn’t seem to be slowly down in her killing spree. Finally the Master Vampire corners Emily and imprisons her in the dungeons on his estate. 
After realizing what Emily is, Crimson knows it is no longer safe to keep the half-breed vampire and decides to help her on her quest to find her Sire. Once they find her sire, the young half-breed well no longer be of any concern to Crimson nor will she put his family in danger. But what happens if that young half-breed manages to capture the Master Vampire’s heart? 
Only time can tell as you venture into the world of paranormal, following both Emily and Crimson’s story of how love truly does conquer all

I recognized him. I couldn’t remember where from, or how, but I knew that I had seen that beautiful god-like face before. He had a slight scruff outlining his lips, which gave off a sexy-bad boy illusion and yet, his soft, kind eyes betrayed his disguise. Looking into his deep brown eyes, it was like staring into his soul-although he definitely was not the type of person you would want to cross, I could still see the pure compassion he possessed. It was something so strong and yet hidden beyond layers of thick wards to deceive his enemies. 

Was I one of his enemies? The question loomed in my mind as my bloodlust slowly began to vanish away, being replaced by this new curiosity toward the man lying on top of me.

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