My Boyfriend Is a College Werewolf (BoyxBoy)

My Boyfriend Is a College Werewolf (BoyxBoy)

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Julian is an introvert... well sort of. He just wants to keep his head down and keep to own business. Julian feels he's had enough excitement in his life. Not his favorite subject. He just wants to graduate college! Even though what he's doing is what he pretty much what he did in High School, thank God that part of life is over! Maybe now he can finally figure out what he wants to major in?

Tyler and his best friend J.P. are in their second year of college. Neither are sure what they want out of life so they stick with Liberal Arts. Besides that, they're all each other has! Even though J.P. has a serious crush on his English professor, Professor Godsey. What a hunk! Shouldn't Professor Godsey be lifting weights instead of boring ol text books?

But there is something... odd... different about Professor Godsey. No! He's no Professor X! Far from it! It involves something like a full moon? Claws? Big teeth perhaps? Oh and a lot of facial hair! Maybe Tyler just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

And here's Julian, thinking he's been in a rough relationship already. He might start having to deal with a boyfriend that has a 'Serious Time of the Month'. 

Unfortunately, that's just the beginning of their problems. Some students and some teachers have their secrets. Most of them are unwilling to share.

    AlchemistBA AlchemistBA Jun 19
    Another chapter in and I'm already claiming him as my child~
    Wait so there's a Taylor and a Tyler? 
                                  ...Oh god, this is going to get really confusing.
    Master_eve Master_eve Apr 04, 2016
    Why the fûck you lying why you always lying mmmmmohmygoddd stop fûcking lyingggg
    'Lookie lookie Deidara! Look what I found!'  sorry most people won't even know what I'm talking about but gods I love Tobi
    Yuki-kiryuu Yuki-kiryuu Mar 05, 2016
    I agree big time as i read that book before i started on this book! People check it out!!
    talented85 talented85 Oct 22, 2016
    It would have been easier to introduce these characters before so we will know whose who and what not...