Because I Love You || Scott McCall/Teen Wolf FF {DISCONTINUED}

Because I Love You || Scott McCall/Teen Wolf FF {DISCONTINUED}

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Larry_Lashton_Niam By SarcasticSivan Updated Feb 01, 2016

THIS 👏🏻 BOOK 👏🏻 IS 👏🏻 SHIT 👏🏻

Mason Hale, Peter Hales human daughter. Looks nothing like her father, but exactly like her mother. Has her fathers survival instincts and sarcasm. 

Mason was 10 years old when her family burnt alive leaving only her, her father, her cousin Derek, and her other cousin Laura alive. 

She had a crush on Scott McCall from Pre-K to third grade. When Laura loses complete contact, she and Derek head to beacon hills where she has to attend high school again and try to love life.

God, this is going to be one hale of a ride.

(Seasons 1 and 2 of Teen Wolf.)

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Samantha32100 Samantha32100 Jun 10, 2017
You know what I just thought of???? Her and Malia are like the same age!! So are they twins...or so they just have the same father and different mothers...?
MrsQueening MrsQueening Oct 26, 2016
Do you want a cookie? You can have a cookie. 
                              Adorable and soo Lydia
TyraRogers TyraRogers Apr 18, 2016
And we've all been blaming Jeff why Stydia is taking so long.....
BlackVeilNightwing BlackVeilNightwing Aug 07, 2016
He said gods as in multiple  I knew it Finstock is coach Hedge
alecswoody alecswoody Apr 09, 2016
Am I the only one that thought peter was hot? Not in season 1, but the rest?
rewinding-me rewinding-me Jul 13, 2016
I haven't been to Macy's in a long time now that I think about it