sex (short stories)

sex (short stories)

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baby_doll_forever By baby_doll_forever Updated Jan 24, 2015

hello my names Mackenzie and I'm 18 yes I'm 18 and is still a virgin. I know sad right but I wanted to wait until the perfect guy or at least a descent guy but they never came. I gave up hope after my 6 boyfriend when I was 17 I thant I was going to be a virgin forever. Today I really don't give a shit who takes my virginity. I know that sounds like I'm a slut but I'm sick and tired of waiting for the perfect guy. so my best friend is taking me to a party so hopefully. and the thing is, is my family is really religious  so I'm not suppose s

to do this but I don't give a shit anymore.

Katie (best friend): Mackenzie are you ready yet with your slow ass self 

Mackenzie: yeah coming 

  *skipping to the party*

as we walk in the party all I smell is beer. as I go to grab a beer.

I run in to this person and spill my drink all over me and them. as I look up I see really cute tan guy in front of me holding out his hand. 

me: sorry clumsy me 

guy: its fine im jake

me: hi jake im mackenz...

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It's a good start maybe more convention before the sex little more story and detail is good but maybe more on how Mack and Jack look and their body to make the readers mind imagine it making it even better to read
invisabletimidcat100 invisabletimidcat100 Dec 01, 2017
Is this a joke? BTW I hope you're no older than 13 because the gramme,  structure and vocabulary in this story is atrocious.
Wolflover4t Wolflover4t Apr 30, 2016
Ok this is weird but my name is Katie and my best friends name is Mackenzie